Gia Arsolon Jan10


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Gia Arsolon

Tada!!! I am so back from the long break!

Did you miss me? LoL! Oh i did miss my blogsite. =)

To kick my 2013, let me share to you my 1st project this year. Yes! Projects projects and more projects! I am hoping this will be a year full of events and projects! That is why my buena mano post is about a recent raket. I wanna attract more more more rakets! =)

Meet Gia as she turns 18 on the 19th. Her metamorphosis.

Here is a sample photo we did. This will be used for her invitation.


gia 18 01


We did the shoot somewhere in QC. Very simple white backdrop studio with 3 strobes lighting setup (2 positioned on both sides to whitewash backdrop and the main positioned in front of the model, well slightly on her left to highlight her preferred angle).  Photoshoot was a breeze, she was so natural and very at ease. I loved her concept of Mariposa, too.

I will add more photos later. Meanwhile, I also made a save the date vid. Here:


Gia Arsolon 18th Save the Date from Jayd Ramos on Vimeo.