Will Devaughn

Next on my series on candid photography, the hunky Will Devaughn! I first met him on a movie taping and on a TVC shoot, years ago. And on both occasions,  I got no dslr with me! I was still doing audio productions then.

Lucky me coz that time around in Boracay, I got to capture him.

jaydramos p3 photo will devaughn 01

Will Devaughn, shots from Skyathon 2012.

Photos taken last April 20, 2012, at Boracay. ISO 400, 1/1000 speed, with f/9, colors set to neutral.

Today’s tip is very simple. When shooting candid, do not use flash. Not only dose it make you very obvious, it sometimes generates red eyes! A moment killer! I often up the ISO to get more light in gloomy lighting scenarios. You can also use bigger apertures. You may try both.