Welcome to P3!

Hi guys! And gals!

I am officially launching this blog site, today! Friday the 13th! Boo!

So… Welcome to Perfect Portrait Photography!

Expect lots of nice photos, particularly portraits from this new baby of mine. Photos of people i love, people i randomly meet, photos of clients, and friends, photos of people from all walks of life, of different moods and emotions.

You may want to explore the categories (as early as now even if they are still empty, ha ha!) I will be sharing tips on shooting and processing pictures. I will be having fun photo hunts! I will invite and feature photographer friends, too. And when time is ripe, I may be able to conduct seminars for you guys! I will be posting my upcoming openshoots here as well.

I have some photos already on the Portfolio section so just click away! I will upload more soon.

So, I guess that’s all for now.

Ooops, here’s a selfie!