Types of Portraits

I am gonna share to you today “my” types of portraits. I mean, there are articles about this, but I am only going to tell you the ones i apply.

Basically, I got 3 Cs — Classic, Candid, and Contextual.

(Oh by the way, I will refer to portraits to either single/solo or group/duo. I believe same principle applies to both.)

Classic Portraits, or Formal Portraits, are portraits that focus on the aesthetics of a specific subject/person. Its a visual of the subject in that specific moment. It can also tell a story of the person. In this type, it is very important that you have established rapport to create brilliant and solid captures. So, spend some time and talk to your subject/s. If you get to know more about them, you will be able to share more about them.

Here are some samples of Classic Portraits.

Candid Portraits are portraits that capture natural and spontaneous moments. Impromptu emotion is the goal here. In this type, a photographer must be prepared not only with his camera settings and implements but with his intuitions, too. The more discreet you are, the better. Careful though, there are ethics to sneaking on subjects! As for me, if I can, I show the person what I took and ask permission for sharing.

Here are some samples of Candid Portraits.

Contextual Portraits, or Environmental Portraits,
are portraits which place the subject in a context or environment. This element adds information on the person being photographed. The story is a lot easier to tell in this type, just make sure to add elements from the environment that can help you in your composition.

Here are some samples of Contextual Portraits.


So, there you go, “my” types of portraits, the 3 Cs.