Today, my Tatay (father) turns 60. Yes!  He officially joins my Nanay (mother) sa Senior Citizens bracket. Free na din movies nya, this means more dates nila hahahaha!


Lucky I was in a very good mood today…  I fixed my lights setup and voila, we had some headshot goin.


p3 photo 2014 june 01



Not everyday do I get to say this but I love you. In my eyes, you are the best father.

Your huge faith has led you to where you are now. And God has never left you.

True, that we had a huge gap before, and we have hurt each other, oh well, there is no perfect family. But it is also true, that time heals all wounds.

I am very happy that we have reached that maturity, that we have moved on, and that we are stronger now as a unit.


Thank you for not giving up on us. Especially Mudra. For the gift of understanding that we work on every single day. For always trying your best to provide, in all ways you can.

And most of all,  for accepting my preference, with all your heart. For letting me call you “Fudra”.


May God grant you more years to come, healthy and happy. <3




Photo Details:

Shot on Chroma Studio setup, with one 180watts strobe, slightly on the front – right of subject, about 2 feet from head, angled slightly downwards.

Aperture 7.1, Speed at 1/50, ISO 400

Adobe Photoshop used for layering and masking.