Sky Cable’s Cable Night Unplugged

I covered an event last September 22 2012 entitled “Cable Night Unplugged” by Sky Cable at Metro Walk, Ortigas.

I’ve been covering events for Sky Cable for I think two years now. Thanks to my friend, Zion Aquino. =)

This event featured several local acoustic artists including Joyce Pring, Johnoy Danao, Julianne, and Cathy Go.

The highlight of the night was a “Rockeoke”. People get to choose a song from a number of songs taken from Sky Cable’s shows. They put their name in a box that indicate their song choice. The host, KC Montero, will then pick a name from the boxes. They were judged based on voice quality and audience impact.

It was a fun night. Enjoyed it sooooo much. I kinda missed my band. Yeah yeah, I used to sing for a band when I was 17. =p

I am gonna post more pics of KC and the other performers in the coming days.

For now, here are some shots from the event. Enjoy!

The Stage! I must say awesome lighting there!

View from the side of the stage

Registration Booth

The Contestants for the Rockeoke

The crowd

Host, KC Montero

Joyce Pring

Johnoy Danao


Cathy Go

OOOhlala Cathy Go! Ang galing galing mo!!!

I love you! <3

Napanood din kita sa wakas ng live!