Now, before i post any set on my gallery, i need to put my own set of photos first, right? I mean, self portraits, or selfies as we call them.

Are you ready?


I think this is my first attempt with a selfie, taken during our visit to my dermatologist.  Sometime Feb 2008.

Played with Photoshop on this one, sometime April 2009.

Took this one while waiting for an event to start At Dusit Hotel Makati, June 2010.

Now this is one i took while i was testing styles for Black Party hahahaha! Halloween 2010.

On this photo, I asked my friend to take a shot of me while spending time at the beach, December 2010.


Bragging my new jersey that time, November 2010.


When i sported some mohawk hair style in January 2011.

Taken last summer, April 2012, at a Kids Event i was covering.

Don’t you just love selfies? LOL. I find it funny though that its like a standard shot for any photographer to have a shot infront of a mirror for a selfie with their precious camera!