Samples of Event Works

Here are some event covers we’ve done. =)  — Updated as of Nov 13 2012.
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Joel and Daisy Prenup


Zoe Baby Photobook


Zoe Baptismal Photobook


Reanna’s 7th Birthday Photobook


Dhana and John Wedding (sample photobook photos and layout)


Kairah’s 1st Birthday (sample photos and layouts)


Arielle @18 (sample photos for debut event gallery)


Diane @18 (sample photos for debut event gallery)


Kenneth and Irish (sample prenup photos)


Rogelio and Evelyn (sample prenup photos)


Kutz (sample themed event gallery images)


Julio and Riza (sample couple photo sets and layouts)


Jay and Jen (sample wedding photos and photobook layout)


Jay and Jen Prenup (sample prenup photos)


Ricky and Jehanna (sample wedding photos and layouts)


Posh, Pink, and Bling! (sample themed event photos and layouts)





Joel & Daisy

Save the Date :

Prenup Vid :

Wedding Vid:


Jake and Ayn

Save the Date :

Prenup Vid :

Wedding Vid :




Reanna’s 7th Birthday


Arianna Berro Save the Date


Kairah @ 1 (sample music video for 1st birthday event cover)


Arielle @ 18 (sample music video for debut event, a pre-debut shoot, shown during the event)


Arielle @ 18 Save The Date ( sample save-the-date video)


Dianne @ 18 (sample save-the-date video)


Jamie Ann @ 18 (sample music video for 18th birthday event cover)

Save the Date


Blaize @ 12 (sample music video for 12th birthday event cover)


Leiven’ Christening (sample music video for event cover)


Irish and Ken (sample music videos for wedding event covers)
Part 1 wedding
Part 2 reception


Rogelio and Evelyn (sample music video for wedding event cover)