Sam YG

Probably one of the most controversial, if not the most, DJ and TV celebrity in town! Sam YG is one hot guy, that’s for sure. Met this funny guy in several events I’ve covered before. The latest is when he hosted “Gold Rush”, Skyathon’s culminating activity last April at Boracay.


jaydramos p3 photo sam y g 01

Sam YG during Gold Rush


Photos taken last April 20, 2012, at Boracay. ISO 800-1000, 1/1000 speed, with f/9, colors set to neutral.

One interesting thing to do when taking candid photos is to shoot them while doing their thing. For instance, in the photos above, I got to capture Sam while hosting. It adds context and creates a better story. Timing is vital, so you may need to wait until they are not distracted by you.