So glad to be invited in this project!

(Too bad i missed the opening! Went to the beach last weekend for a much needed break.)

Good thing it runs till December, so see you!

To my partner in this project Richard Hawkins! I am really glad that this fun collaboration became part of a wonderful exhibit!

And to Brian Curtin, congratulations and see you!

“Kho Looks at the Mirror” by Tada Hengsapkul, digital print on matte paper, 84 x 68 cm, 2012


Art and Queer Ideas from Bangkok and Manila, Un-Compared

Curated by Brian Curtin

November 3 – 24

November 27 – December 15 2012


Dennis Balk/Yason Banal/Jon Cuyson/Tada Hengsapkul/Robert Langennegger/Pow Martinez/Lui Medina/Jet Melencio/Pan Pan Narkprasert/TRASHER BANGKOK/Piyarat Piyapongwiwat/Nigel Power/Michael Shaowanasai/Jakkai Siributr/Henry Tan/Maria Taniguchi/Trek Valdizno

Specially Invited Artists:

Richard Hawkins and Jayd Ramos/Viet Le

Metro Manila, Philippines – D.A.G.C Gallery (Dept. of Avant-Garde Clichés) in liaisons dangereuses with the B.A.R (Bureau of Artistic Rehab) crashes temporarily at the La Fuerza Compound – the heart of the gallery hub in Pasong Tamo, Makati City – for the spectacular exhibition RADIATION: Art and Queer Ideas from Bangkok and Manila, Un-Compared as curated by Brian Curtin.

An exhibition in 2-parts, RADIATION explores ideas, and possibilities, of ‘queer’ as they can echo and translate across national boundaries, be it in derogatory or affirmative ways. Acknowledging specific histories, contextual restraints and potential futures, the title denotes an outward movement from a source and also infection; in this exhibition, mutual infection[s]. The artworks play with formations of masculinity and femininity – rhetorical, provocative, subversive – across themes that include gay domesticity and corporeal excess; metaphors of belonging, concealment and disruption; and methods of appropriation or pillaging and the performative.

Un-comparing artists from Bangkok and Manila most immediately rebuffs rational engagement. Instead, the arbitrary, haphazard and possibly dangerous is valued. To discover differences is at the core of the very idea of queer itself, regardless of the ideologies of particular representations. However, routes of connection between un-like and often marginalized entities such as these two Asian cities can suggest alternative or parallel understandings to ‘official’, dominant or western narratives. RADIATION positions itself centrally at this insight, all the more queer because of an insistence on subjectivity for deciding such routes; subjectivities that will remain perpetually in question, or challenged.

D.A.G.C at the B.A.R

2241 Chino Roces Avenue (also known as Pasong Tamo), Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines (La Fuerza Compound)


Email: [email protected]

Curator: + 66 8 9 163 8102 / [email protected]

Here is the link to the gallery’s website: