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Meet Paul.

This is one of my best shots from my set with him.


In this featured portrait, you will learn more about my strength and technique in photography. I can share four.

First, shooting male models. I can say that 80 to 90 percent of my models/clients is male. Some say its easier, some find it harder. For me, it has become easier because of the bulk and quantity, I shoot male models almost every week! But I can understand how challenging it can be because there are less poses you can do especially if the clients are non pro or not even amateur in the industry. I am proud to say I am strong in this area, whether pro or non pro. Probably because I am male too and its easier for me to see myself and project it and channel it to my subjects.

Second, using one source of light. In this photo, I only used one strobe light. I placed it in such manner that it can create some dramatic shadow and outline in his face and body, which is his asset. By the way, Paul is a Fil-Am body builder from Hawaii, and yes he wins tournaments and pageants with his physique! For me, less is more. One light source is awesome for me, always works for me, and super easy for me. Its simple but can be very dramatic! I like drama in my portraits. I will share more about this lighting technique in the coming days.

Third, desaturation (post processing). Some say its monochrome. Some say its black and white. Some say its the same, Some say its not. I will share more about that later. But for now, I will use desaturation! Haha! Its simply reducing the intensity of the color.  I call it, “killing” the colors. Desaturation creates more drama or impact in portraits. Its because you are able to focus on less factors.  (Color can be really distracting if not used properly.) You can highlight the shadows more, you can emphasize on the emotions more in desaturation. Now, I had to say its for post processing, meaning the original photo for this was really shot in full color (saturated). I always shoot in full color because I can always desaturate later on, and not the other way around.

Fourth, using layers. Its another post processing technique. In this photo, i used a thin layer of uhmmm maroon? Yeah i think its maroonish. I will share more about using layers later on.

So there, I hope you learned something new today.

And oh! I am gonna upload more photos from my set with Paul as well later.