YES! You, too, can lose 15 lbs. in 3 weeks. Here is my story.


I am writing this blog from my heart. This is mainly intended for my friends and for those who know me personally, either in my profession or in gym or wherever. Why am i saying this? Because if you are my friend, you know I won’t lie to you. I won’t have a hard time explaining this and that, justifying this and that blah blah blah. Besides, this is the first time I will write something like this. I am so overwhelmed with the result this product has given me and so I am sharing the good news. If you happen to reach this post and you are not my friend, feel free to read on. You may be inspired, too. And that is so okay.


Here is my story.

About last quarter of 2013, a random person tried to sell me a slimming product. It claims that you may lose weight in 10 days, say about 10-15 lbs, with no diet and workout. My answer was no.

I have tried a lot of slimming products before — pills, teas, mesolipo, rf, juicing, fat burners, appetite suppressants, etc.  Some are haggard procedures, some take so much time for preparation, some are too expensive, some are really messy, some hurt as hell, and some even all of them in one! If you are my friend, you know that! I post stuff like this publicly on my fb.

I was so negative towards the product this random person was talking about.

The only proven thing that works for me is this: consistent workout, and proper diet.

Let me take you to a flashback.

On May 2012, i weighed almost 200 lbs. My shirts won’t fit, my pants won’t fit, even my undies won’t fit. No kidding! Sabe ko sa sa sarili ko, hindi na ito maganda… I decided, I will workout and try to trim down. That month, I started boxing. I slowly incorporated proper diet, too. Ber months, I was 5-6x a week in the gym. Yes! I was even counting the calories I take and burn, you can check that ios app, may account ako dun. That was how serious I was into losing weight.  And on March 2013, i was only 175 lbs. (last time i weighed like it was in college pa) About 25 lbs lost in almost one year. Sweet? Wait for the sweeter stuff.

And so I was enjoying the slimmer figure. With it, I lost the discipline. Like any human being! LoL. I got again into that habit to eat eat eat. And lost even the urge to workout regularly. Got more busy with my rakets as well. And since I’m on my early 30s already, my metabolism is slower than before.

We go back to that day (last quarter of 2013)  when that random friend offered me to try the slimming product— I was 190 lbs. again! Sad, but true. Siguro kaya nya ako inofferan kasi bilog na bilog na nga ako nun!

Now, about a month ago, a close friend of mine asked me to do some layout work for his new project. In exchange is a box of slimming product. I accommodated him since he’s my close friend and i wanted to try the product, too.

And voila! It was the same product the random guy was talking about! That claims weight loss with no diet and no workout!

The box contains 10 plums. Yes, plums — not pills, hindi gamot, not teas, hindi tsaa, not juice, hindi tinitimpla. Its all natural dried fruit. You eat one plum a day. Preferably after your last meal, with 2 glasses of water.

TIP: It is  very important to weigh yourself before you start the program ( at least 1 box). Take pics if you wish! In my case, I was 195lbs. But no pics! Sorry hahaha! Alam nio di ako mahilig dun, sa likod lang ako ng camera.

I was so excited because I was already curious about it. Now I have it on my hands, I just need to try them! He gave me instructions, we talked about it for some more and yes I started taking it.

After dinner,  I opened one sachet, ate the plum, threw the seed, drank 2 glasses of water. Then zzz after playing some iPad games.

Now, the morning after is fabulous! Fabulous fabulous poop! Poop like there’s no tomorrow. I won’t lie. So much poop! BUT it’s not hurtful. Not painful like the slimming teas give. Just fabulous poop. I noticed there’s so much fiber in it, with a lil oil you can feel in your ass when you wash. It felt good afterwards, really, I felt so light! Thou I had 4 more visits that day. Volume was less than the first. It felt like aftershocks. I was scared because my normal bowel is once a day. So, I did not take a plum the day after. On the 2nd plum, there were no more aftershocks. There’s still the fabulous morning after poop, and another one in the evening. Just that. Now, that was consistent. But still, on days when I know I will be out for a shoot or a meeting or whatever, I did not eat a plum. Just to be safe.

This is interesting and important: I did not do any rigid changes in my diet. As in wala. Kung ano yung food intake ko before I started, yun pa rin. I don’t smoke and I seldom drink. Logically kasi, it takes more if you have more toxins in the body. Simply put, it cleanses your body especially your digestive system and colon, too, then it burns fat, blocks fat, speeds up your metabolism, and detoxifies. Also, I have been going to the gym since January for only 2-3x a week. I did not do anything extra as well. Kumbaga, wala akong binago sa daily eating ko and routine. I just added the plum. And  more water, which is really good for the body.

Also, there are no harsh side effects, since its all natural. No palpitations, no trouble getting sleep, no nausea.

I roughly finished a box in 2 weeks. I ordered for one more box and I just had my 15th plum all in all last night. 

And this is what i got earlier:



Yes, I lost 15 lbs already!

Friend kita, I won’t lie to you. I have the orig shot on my Iphone. And if you see me, I am sure you will notice talaga  na i lost weight. Ganyan ko yan pinagyayabang. Success story eh! hahaha! It is just so effective and safe!

But I want to take it to another level. Tignan ko if it can surpass ang 180lbs ko, since i always always plateau at 180lbs. This is i think my most normal weight. Though not my ideal. I should be at 145-150lbs for my height. Kaso mabigat ako kasi sa muscles and bone structure i guess. And pag nag 170-175 ako e humpak na cheeks ko. But we’ll see. I am halfway thru the 2nd box. Might have one more box after this, kasi ideal naman is 30 plums talaga, or 30 day program kumbaga.

I will put a progress post on my weight loss here.

This is the sweeter stuff that I was saying. It’s called PLUM DELITE by OPTRIMAX.

Here is a link to the official site:

This product worked amazingly for me. I am not saying that this is the ultimate weigh loss solution. It may or may not work for you because of many factors. We may not have the same biological ek ek in the body, or you are more toxic than me, or you need more dosage, or its simply not for you. BUT it is worth a try. Why? Because its a win-win product. Its a good detox program above anything else. And it is relatively cheaper than the expensive procedures,  or your monthly fat burners or l-cars or steroids whatsoever (which may even be harmful), or your overall gym expenditures (gas, parking, membership fee). I am not against workouts, believe me, but I know a lot of people who do not have the luxury of time to do it regularly. This, my friend , may just just help you.

I am sharing this story because its true. Again, I won’t lie to you. And I can meet you up and see for yourself. Kung nakita mo ako last year or earlier this year, huh! You will really notice the big change.

I am back to my medium sized shirt! <3




I have posted the official link up there, you may browse it. But if you have more questions about it, if you are interested, If you wanna order and try, pm me or sms me. Friend kita so you have my numbers and fb.

As i finish this blog, i have shared 20 boxes already, in just a week. To all my friends who are now on the same program, pls pls pls update me on your progress, I will super appreciate it. You may comment here, too!


Come and detox with me in this journey to a healthier and slimmer us!



WEIGHT UPDATE as of March 14 2014 : 178lbs

Dayummmm this is really getting more interesting. <3

weight 178lbs