Matteo Guidicelli

It is always exciting when you get to capture celebrities on events.

Last summer, I officially covered Skyathon 2012 (by Sky Cable), and yes, there were a lot of celebrities! I am gonna be posting them this week. Yay!

(Believe me, candid or not, it is a sure hit to increase interest in the craft you do.)

Here is one of them.


jaydramos p3 photo matteo guidicelli 01

Matteo. So handsome. And I love that skin tone, just like mine? Haha!


Photos taken last April 20, 2012, at Boracay. ISO 500, 1/1000 speed, with f/8, colors set to neutral.

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And here’s a tip. In shooting spontaneous events like this, things can be really be very fast fast fast. So when you cannot get the right manual setting, hit the friendly “P” or program setting. Not auto, okay? Try it and discover the difference. =)