Loving Layers

Since the day i discovered color layers in Adobe Photoshop, I always make sure I get to put the perfect one for every photo I create.

True, there are several and several colors you can use but there is one or two that can best heighten the mood or emotion you want emphasized. Be it in color or black and white, color layers give that little oomph in a photograph. It adds quality, makes it more crisp, and makes it look expensive!


It is also very simple! Here are the steps (I currently use Adobe Photoshop CS5):

1.  Open a file you want.

2.  Then, click on Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color

3.  A selection box appears. Name it anyway you want. And beguided with these:

On Color, choose any you want.

Mode, choose Exclusion.

Opacity, choose between 15-40%. Click OK.

4.  A new box appears. Pick a solid color and that’s it.


Here are samples from a photo set i did. (All Opacity set to 20%)

p3 photo 2014 01 01

Original Color

p3 photo 2014 01 02

Original Color, with Blue Layer

p3 photo 2014 01 03

Original Color, with Red Layer

p3 photo 2014 01 04

Original Color, with Blue Green Layer

Now let’s make this more interesting! =)

p3 photo 2014 01 05

Black and White

p3 photo 2014 01 06

Black and White, with Blue Layer

p3 photo 2014 01 07

Black and White, with Red Layer

p3 photo 2014 01 08

Black and White, with Blue Green Layer

Okay okay, those three color layers are my favorites — Blue, Red, and Blue Green. Blue looks expensive. Red is bold. Blue Green is soft. That’s for me. But it also depends on the main photo. Tweaking the opacity changes the effect a lot so feel free to play with it.

So, among the 8 photos above, which one looks best for you? =)

Feel free to comment!

Special thanks to Rain Seven for being my model for this post.