Lo’s Closet

Its always exciting and fun to shoot friends especially when, you know, they have evolved.

Lo, or  Kier as I have known/called him, is now working on his dream — blogging about men’s fashion! Out and proud in Dubai!

I sensed the passion and drive during our previous shoot. You still have that energy and smile. So you!

I remember years ago you were just dreaming about it, its vague…. you wanted to do this and that,  to design this and that,  to experiment with styles like this and that blah blah.

And now your blog  just turned one year! And its a really nice blog. I wish you more success and more inspiration. I’m so happy for you.

And thank you for working with me on this anniversary thing.

I am sharing some of my favorite shots on this post.


And as promised, here is something. Yay! I hope you like it.

Lo’s Closet teaser vid 3mbps from Jayd Ramos on Vimeo.