Annnnnddddd finalllllllyyyyyyy! Here it is!


lakbay ss1

My 1st music video, collab with Jayson Sia.

I remember Jayson talking about it a few years back. I liked the song and so I said I was so game for it! It is a song of positivity, something you will sing to your sinisinta, to make him/her join you in a journey of love — a song of convinction, courage, and hope.

It wasn’t an easy process, but one thing is for sure, I enjoyed it! Selecting the right frames, reshooting scenes, picking the right timings, the continuity stuff, accommodating inputs from trusted people, revisions revisions revisions, etc etc etc.

Indeed, I was brought into a lakbay, a journey. A memorable one as I have learned a lot about myself also in the process.

I hope you like this obra. <3

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