Artists have archives. All those materials and stuff you did or shot in the past. They must have been left behind either they were not appropriate back then, or you lost track of an inspiration then, or you did not feel righr or good for it then, or what have you.

Then one day, you silently crawl on them. And you have a different perspective already.

You open your workshop, put on some nice music, one that has a really really nice vibe in it. And then, you go into your zone and go crazy.

Well, that one day just happened!

I wanna share to you this portrait editorial film i post processed today, shot in 2013.

I remember JP doing followups on where this was. Now, here it is. Finally.

Well, some things need time.

Its all good.

JP, sorry it took a long while. I hope you like it.

portrait editorial by jayd ramos 2015 jp henares from Jayd Ramos on Vimeo.


And here are more photos (some are already posted here on this site and on my fb page).