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Hey Jhaemer! It’s your birthday today! Happy birthday!

Jhaemer is one of my models. Yes, I used to handle (well, I still “occasionally” do now) a number of talents before when I got more time to manage people. I kinda miss it. But yeah, it takes so much time getting them to go sees and stuff.

He’s got foreign blood obviously, just that this guy can be really very shy. Very handsome, very good looking guy!

jaydramos p3 photo jhaemer01

Originally shot in full vivid color, over a white wall, with one strobe light on the right.

For post processing, I used healing brushes and clone patching to even out the skin tone. In his case, just a little because he’s already got nice skin. That’s really nice because it saves time and u get to achieve a more natural texture. Then I desaturated slightly for a natural skin tone, then played with shadows and highlights. I made a 2nd layer to manipulate some lighting. Then I put a third layer for more texture, very small opacity you cannot even see it, but yes it gives some oomph.

I might upload our commercial shoot for a local brand soon!

If you were able to create something like this, you can show it to me, I’d be happy to see it!