I have been covering for a series of events and shows lately. Its not something I’m really good at but hey, variety is fun! Besides, I kinda miss the adrenaline in events.

In a series of fashion shows by a designer friend, Arielle Agasang, and stylist friend, RJ Ferrer, I met Ms. Ima Castro!

This ain’t the first time I’ve seen her perform. The lady can really sing! I’ve been a fan since her Miss Saigon days. And now I get to listen and witness her belting almost every week in our shows.

Ima is very jolly, like me. Her aura is very positive. She is very down to earth and very accommodating, too.

I can’t wait to see her sing and perform again!

Here are some shots I took from our previous shows.  I hope you like them.

(And oh, i used hi ISO here between 800-1000. Then used openings between f5.6-6.3 and speed between 1/80-1/100.)


Ms. Ima Castro,  from AA ProCouture “Royalty” Show at PAGCOR Paranaque,  September 7 2012.


Ms. Ima Castro, from AA ProCouture “World Class” Show at PAGCOR Paranaque,  August 31 2012.


And oh! I would like to invite you also to Ms.Ima’s latest musicale entitled “NINE”, which opens on Sept 21 2012. (Photo grabbed from Facebook)