Happy Vday Indeed to my Super Love Sis!

Earlier this week, my sis had one of the most important “yes” in her life.

p3 photo 2014 02 01

YES! She got married! And happy at that!

I have witnessed a dozen or more weddings in my life doing event covers. Seen grand ones, simple ones, even crazy ones! But my sister’s wedding is different. Heartfelt. Iba pala talaga kapag kilala mo na yung ikakasal, lalo na ito kapatid ko! I can feel how happy she is! and Charles, too.

p3 photo 2014 02 03 p3 photo 2014 02 04 p3 photo 2014 02 05

Ceremony was very intimate and very simple, celebrated with the most special people in their lives.

I am soooooo happy for you guys! May you always be guided by the Lord.

Excited na ako sa pamangkin ko! =) Love you!

p3 photo 2014 02 02