Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Its my Aussie bestfriend’s birthday today! Oh boy I miss you bigtime!

I miss the long talks with you, Andrew. I miss the food trips. I miss the boywatching. I miss a lot of things we do!

I miss the strawberry jam toast! I miss the cheese and wine nights!

I miss going to BED Bar with you and getting drunk and dancing all night lalalalalala!

I will always miss you. And I can’t wait to see you again, Bes!


Here’s my fave pic of you that we did when you were here in the Philippines.We had to do this pose to highlight what you do best, and you chose pink as hot as you!



I used a slow shutter speed here with a big opening, with the help of a tripod to keep it stable… and yeah, yellow lights from the condo corridor served as ambient lighting. ISO 400. =)

Oh, Andrew, I miss miss miss you!

I love you.

And more power to Nails of Elegance and Beauty!



I need a good nail fix! Come home soon! <3