Food Shoot at Palms

A few months ago, Palms Country Club celebrated their 10th anniversary. In line with it, they featured 10 special dishes in their menu. And yes, I did the shoot together with my friend Bernard.

Well, shooting food is pretty much like shooting portraits! They require styling as well — by food stylists. They make sure the colors are intact, the oil isn’t too shiny, plating is perfect, among other stuff.

Most of the time, food photography is done indoors. So, lighting implements should be ready. In this set, I used a 180 watt strobe light set, with a softbox. I strategically move the strobe in different angles to get different lighting drama.

ISO maintaned at 200. Opening between 5-8ish. Speed at 1/100.

Okay, time to get you guys hungry. Here are some of the shots!




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