DEX / Unusual Strobes

I kinda miss working with my handsome second photographer Dex Papa. Not much events lately.

So I thought of posting and featuring him today on my blog. This is gonna be short but tricky.

When capturing portraits, especially when using strobes, its placement is very important. Next to its strength and distance to subject, the position and angle of the strobe greatly affects impact and drama. I suggest playing with it and asking your lights-man or assistant to twist and turn the light stand every time it flashes. Take more shots and compare results, you will be amazed at the outcomes.

Usually during client shoots, Dex is my test subject. And so we get to create a number of crazy shots.

I am gonna share to you one today, one of my favorites.

jaydramos p3 photo dex1

Okay, so this shot is raw, just had to put my watermark for it. I asked him to stand behind a frosted glass door. I placed one strobe with a rectangle soft box behind the door, with the modeling lamp on so I can see how and where its light will strike. Then boom. I had to adjust the distance and the strength so as not to burn the image. Asked him to pose like this, twist his cap a bit and show his arm with the watch. That is for some personality and character. And yes, we nailed it! Its a pretty shot. With a bit of mysterious effect, his stare is perfect. Drama is there but not too heavy. The lighting gave just the right amount of depth I wanted for the portrait.

Try it! You may send to me some of your works at [email protected], tell me about it. Let’s learn from each other. <3