Daniel Matsunaga

My 2nd installment for this week’s candid (and not so candid) celebrity photos posting, the very dashing and handsome Daniel Matsunaga!


jaydramos p3 photo daniel matsunaga 02

Daniel Matsunaga right after the Skyathon 2012 run!


Here’s more:

jaydramos p3 photo daniel matsunaga 01


Photos taken last April 20, 2012, at Boracay. ISO 500, 1/1000 speed, with f/8, colors set to neutral.

In line with my tip yesterday when shooting spontaneous and candid shots, for advanced shooters who want more control, after checking the setting that “P” generates, you can go to back “M” and use that setting for guide, then adjust to your own.

A little up in the aperture or shutter speed can make a difference. Try it. =)