Chollo In December

As an artist, expressing your thoughts, or feelings, or anything at all, is most challenging when you do it with your friends. It can be too comfortable, or too awkward, results can just be too crazy, or no result at all!

But that is not always the case.

I am grateful that I have a friend who has always been supportive and always on the go — Chollo.

True, this was supposed to be a BDSM sort of stuff, as planned last year! Hahaha!

But I guess, time has its own way of telling us, yeah yeah wait a lil more coz  you have a better material coming.

And so, after the loooooong wait, we are able to come up with something.

May not be as bold as that 50 Shades of Gray concept you’ve always pushed, but something more meaningful: to what you are going through now.

I am sure, you and I are gonna remember every little detail we did, captured or not in this short film. This will be a reminder not just to you, but also to me, that life, no matter how it hurts us at times, can be lived well if we know how to look at it positively. And that we have each other, we have friends, our chosen family, to embrace us in these trial times.

So, thank you, for doing this with me.

Sabi nga ni Sara Bareilles….

You’ve always been a problem child
You run me down right restless and wild
But I remember when you used to be mine