UK Retro in the Metro Dec11

UK Retro in the Metro

Sharing to you today my sweet little gift for my UK Family.

Joy In Dreams

Been busy with my new work the past 3 months. But hey! I found time to craft something a lil NSFW this time haha! Joy, we finally had a collab, and a vid at that! How ossssommmm! I miss you atih, next year uli ha, kelangan mas pasabog thna this? hmmmmm   Enjoy!  ...

Chollo In December Jan06

Chollo In December

As an artist, expressing your thoughts, or feelings, or anything at all, is most challenging when you do it with your friends. It can be too comfortable, or too awkward, results can just be too crazy, or no result at all! But that is not always the case. I am grateful that I have a friend who has always been supportive and always on the go — Chollo. True, this was supposed to be a BDSM sort of stuff, as planned last year! Hahaha! But I guess, time has its own way of telling us, yeah yeah wait a lil more coz  you have a better material coming. And so, after the loooooong wait, we are able to come up with something. May not be as bold...

Charlyn on Fantashow May27

Charlyn on Fantashow

Subscribed again (for the 2nd time) to premium account of Fantashow! This slideshow tool is just amazing. It saves so much time and the definition is great! Aside from using their templates, you can pretty much customize everything. Styles are also categorized for added ease. Neat and sweet!...

My 34th Dec05

My 34th

34 years and counting. And year after year, it just gets happier, in a sense that is simpler and closer to home. No parties, no loud music, no DJs, no gimmicks. Just a long day trip with my folks and people dearest to me. I am grateful. I am blessed. Thank you for 34 years. <3   Jayd 34th from Jayd Ramos on Vimeo.

BeOne Launch Nov20

BeOne Launch

So glad to be a pioneer of this upcoming online superstore madness! Imagine having your own online store, with a solid system waiting to go live very soon! Thousands of brands and products/services already waiting for purchase baby! And YES you can sell your own products/services too! You can...