Dana Aug24


Today is Dana’s birthday! My set with Dana is one of my most fierce set to date. This girl just rocks! Her facial expressions, especially how she stares at the camera. So intense! This shoot is one of my most memorable. Shot on location at an abandoned priest house in Manila sometime in...

Camsy Aug04


Okay. So my new tat is on its 4th day and yeah its starting to get really itchy! Hell week for tat healing officially starts today! LOL! Btw, I wanna share to you today a fun shoot  I and my image stylist friend, Ralph, did a few years back with our sexy and beautiful tat artist, Camsy....


Corazon, my mudra (mom), turns a year older today! Happy Birthday Mudra! You are the best! I love you! <3

Mai Jul28


Now of course there is a female counterpart! And that would be Mai. Mai, or Maidear as i call her, is my angel. Ever since she came into my life, I had that sense of comfort, just knowing I can always find solace and peace when I need it, through her. Her words of wisdom and care always...