Born Artist

Some people were born to save lives. Some to build structures. There are those who were given talent to entertain. And there are those who were born to create art.

I am one of the latter.

I am Jayd Ramos. I was born an artist. I was born to live and breathe art.

This realization became bright when I was in college. I initially wanted to pursue Med School, or something related to science. But fate led me to its opposite — I graduated with a degree in Arts, even before I got a slot in the Biology blocks/sections where i was wait-listed. That simple. Not that I hated med or science afterwards, just that i have learned from then on to embrace my talent and my gift to create art.

Let’s look back. What in the arts world have i exposed myself already before photography?

Music was my first love. I play the guitar. I play the piano. I play the flute. I sing. I joined music groups, church choirs, and even a band when I was young. I compose. I did radio productions for 6 years!

Theater came next. I act. I have performed a lot of roles on stage. I direct. I directed 2 full length musicales when I was in college. I also directed a number of speech choirs and stage plays in high school. I used to conduct summer acting workshops then.

I did some literature also, just a little. I wrote for stage plays and musicales in college. I was contributor of the community paper and school paper.

Then some film came later. It was more of an experiment thing during college with some film enthusiasts. I got lucky and got hired to make AVPs for a bar in Manila and Boracay and some small corporations in the metro.

Music. Theater. Literature. Film.

I was exposed in almost all arts, except for visuals/fine arts.

Then I remembered how I aced my photography classes when i was in college!

So on Dec 2007, i bought my first dslr, his name is Miyake. =)

Hell yeah, the born artist lives on.