Bojo & Ruth Prenup

Its always fun and exciting to cover events that are close to your heart. Last year, Ruth, a dear high school mate got engaged! She reached me and asked me to cover their wedding.

Despite the long distance (she is based in Cali, he works in Jeddah), we were able to work things out. Special thanks to her sister, Apple, of course! And Tito Tim for all the hospitality.


Thanks Ruth for trusting me with all the creatives on this one. And Bojo, take care of Ruth, okay? Nice meeting you! Really cool guy!


Enjoy your prenup best picks!



And here’s a cute Save the Date!

BojoRuth2015 SaveTheDate from Jayd Ramos on Vimeo.



And the Prenup Music Video <3

BojoRuth2015 Prenup from Jayd Ramos on Vimeo.



Of course, we have some interview, too!

BojoRuth2015 Prenup Interview from Jayd Ramos on Vimeo.



Kudos to my team. Dex Papa, Ralph Espiritu, and Mar Peralta. Awesome collab! <3