Aubrey Miles

That summer event just got hotter with the presence of Aubrey Miles! She is one of the sexiest celebrities in the industry. I love Aubrey, her strong personality, her power aura, her beautiful face. And she is very accommodating.

jaydramos p3 photo aubrey miles 01

Aubrey Miles! So lucky to have captured her on different times during Skyathon 2012! =)

Photos taken last April 20, 2012, at Boracay. ISO varying from 400-1000, 1/1000 speed, with f/9, colors set to neutral. Used continuous shooting. With speedlight.

As always, here’s another tip for taking candid shots (thou the photos in this post are not so candid haha!).  Aside from using zoom lens and positioning strategically, shoot lots! That simple. Try continuous shooting. Shoot in burst. This will increase chances of getting the perfect shot!