For my first male model in my gallery here in P3, meet my super bestfriend Arrc.

Arrc and I have been friends since 2001. We met through a common friend,  dated for a while, got separated cos he left the country for work, then accidentally met again in Manila.  And the rest is history.


Arrc posed for my editorial album, this photo was entitled “Blue”.


Arrc and I share a lot of common interests! We think of each other as twins — he was born November 25 , while I was born a day after. Even if we don’t get to spend much time together physically, we are like connected.

Here are more photos of Arrc. They are actually really outdated. I need a new set from him. Well, soon.


My first photoshoot with Arrc, taken on January 2008, at SAV6 Paranaque.

Another shot from that shoot.

A tweetums shot! HAHAHA!

The next set of photos are shots from our shoot from 2009. =)