Anne Curtis

I am gonna start this “Featured Portrait” section of my blog with a bang!

No other than “No Other Woman” Star, Anne Curtis.



This was an outtake shot from a project with Mentorque Productions for 2011 Black Party. Thanks to Bryan.

Now, of course, I have to say something about this portrait.

Well… its so gorgeous! I mean, Anne Curtis as subject. I can say it is one of my most memorable shoot ever. Even if it was so short (only lasted 15mins), it felt like I was in heaven taking vids (yes i was taking vids for a bts campaign, link below) and stills of Anne!

Anne is so easy to work with. Any angle. Any lighting. Any any! She is very accommodating and very professional.

Kudos also to her style team that time, Robbie Pinera (makeup), Raymond Santiago (hair), and Liz Uy (style).

Oh and here is that BTS campaign vid I told u earlier.


I want to have another set with her.  I want I want!!! I <3 you, Anne!