I turned 33 last Tuesday. And it was very simple. No parties, no drinking spree, no loud music, no new clothes or anything. With the recent events in the country, most especially Typhoon Haiyan (or Yolanda in PH), it is very hard to celebrate. A lot of people are homeless, jobless, what’s worse? — lost families and friends. Been three weeks already but the survivors are still weak, our government needs to exert more effort. The entire nation, the entire world actually, has poured tremendous help already! Come on.   To everyone who greeted me over facebook, twitter etc etc etc social media,  thank you for remembering my natal day.   And you reading this, I have a small favor: please say a little prayer for #YolandaPH victims.   Well. We had a little something last weekend. My loving sister and mudra prepared some pasta and salad and tacos. How sweet!  Thank u guys, the best kayo talaga! <3 And yes! May cake ako! Hahaha!   bday2013