So I turned 32 today! Yey! Wala na sa kalendaryo! (Not in the calendar anymore!) Hahahaha!

Hmmm… Well, honestly, I’m not bothered with it ( as i imagined years before). I am very happy with my life now. Not super super happy, but happy chill chill, that kind. =)

God has blessed me with a good balance of ups and downs, which brought me to where I am now. Learned a lot from the past, and optimistic to experience new things in the coming days of my life.

Just too many wonderful things, both small and big, to be thankful.

First of all, I have a solid family, my mom and dad doing fine, they’re not ill or whatever. And I have a very lovable sis, very good provider, super sweet sister.  I love you, Joey, with all my life. <3 Thank you for “Knight”, I promise to drive him defensively.

And then I have my PBC family, guys you know who you are! Although we don’t get to go out as often as before, you know you guys will always be close to me. Let us bring back our weekly coffee nights! I miss those days!

Of course, I gotta thank my ever loyal one and only permanent staff hahahaha! Dex! I love you! Thank you for being my all around guy, my 2nd photographer, my PA, my confidante, my friend, my kumpare.  Our team isn’t perfect but I am grateful I can (still) count on you! Hahahaha! I owe you a treat. =p

And I guess the highlight for me this year is the new family I found in Elorde Boxing! Amazing people, their spirits just drive me positively. I never imagined I will be this passionate about boxing. Well, I am so hooked now, so I am gonna see you more more more often my dear boxer buddies!

Also, to all my clients, yes! You know who you are. Thank you for the continued support and trust and love. Special mention to Richard, and to Paris, and to Zion. Cheers to more projects in 2013!

So there.

Well, yeah, I got no lovey this year, but as they say, you cannot have everything. Maybe that will come later… I hope. I hope.

Again, thank you. You all have made my life beautiful.

Let me share some snapshots, I was lazy so these are only Iphone quality hahahaha!


A lovely cake from Becky’s Kitchen from my sister!Eto sumalubong sa akin! Yum! Sira diet! <3

Some rolls i got for my Elorde family! Yiheeee!

My Sencha treat to my PBC family.

“Knight” from Joey. <3 <3 <3

Happy. Blessed. Grateful.